5 Tips to Help Make Your Soundcloud Account More Popular


If getting more people to listen to your music on Soundcloud is a goal, here are five tips that can help you make your account more popular.

Upload music regularly -- One of the biggest mistakes musicians make on Soundcloud is that they do not upload music regularly. Make a schedule, and upload a new song at the same time at least once a week, and you will see how quickly your account grows.

Buy followers -- People gravitate towards accounts that are already popular. Buy a few new followers every month, and your account will quickly start to look much more popular than it actually is.

Listen to and like other people's music -- Soundcloud is a community. The more contact with other people that you have on the site, the more likely your music will benefit.

Start listening to other people's music, Leave comments, like their songs and encourage them. In many cases, they will turn around and do the same for your music as well. 

Collaborate with other channels -- Doing a collaboration with another channel can bring in a new audience to listen to your music. Spend some time listening to other accounts, and make a note of those you think you could collaborate with in an interesting way.

Contact a few people and ask if they would be interested in a collaboration with you. Work on a project with anyone who is interested, and then promote their music as much as they promote yours. 

Create playlists -- Create a few playlists of other musicians' music, and insert a couple of your own songs onto it as well.

As long as you choose music that is similar to yours, you should find the musicians you promote on the list will also promote that list to their followers. This then puts your music in front of a new audience as well.

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